Wednesday, 18 November 2015

CHTT April 30th - May 1st 2016 40k


I am extremely excited to announce the 2016 CHTT is happening!  We will be running it from April 30th - May 1st.  This event will be 4 player teams of Warhammer 40k players battling it out for prizes and glory.

Our new location will be:

The Cambridge Lions Club

50 Ainslie St N, 
Cambridge, ON N1R 3J5 

Phone:(519) 622-8024 

This event is being run by Jon Green of ITC club CanHammer.  Chris and Jason of ITC club CanHammer will be playing in the event and are only assisting with terrain and administration.  Only Jon Green will be in charge of results and army lists.  One of our goals is to get this event ITC ranked.

We will have a block of hotel rooms posted on the hotel tab on this site in the near future.  We will also have a comp pack posted soon.   

So please start getting your teams ready and start practicing.  Please note that no matter the comp we are limiting each Codex or supplement as 0-1 for each team.  This means you get only one eldar detachment for the entire team or one space marine detachment. So if your whole club plays Chaos Marines then you will need find new friends or do up new armies.

Hope to see you there!  

For more information please email

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