Wednesday, 23 December 2015

CHTT Draft Comp V1


Due to the Delay in ETC comp pack release we have decided to release a draft comp to give people a start to building their teams and army lists.  Our goal with draft V1 is to find an estimate of what the comp will be and combine and find a happy medium between ETC and ITC.

Draft V1 is going to be ITC comp with the following changes:

  1. No Forge world.
  2. Maximum 2 detachments per player.
  3. No team can duplicate source material more then once.  For example each 4 man team can only have one player with any detachments or formations from codex "Space Marines".  Formations not found in a Codex book are considered from the source book of their main faction race, for example Mont'Ka the tau formations are considered from Codex Tau and the Astra militerum formations count as being from Codex Astra Militerum.
  4. As of now we are using all ITC FAQ and rules clarifications.
  5. 1850 points per player.

If you have an questions direct them to

Chris & Jon

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