Monday, 25 January 2016

CanHammer Team Tournament Comp V2


We are happy to announce that we have decided on a final comp system.  We are going with almost pure ETC comp with a few modifications. So throw away your ITC lists and FAQ docs and prepare for another!  The ETC draft was released yesterday so that is why it is coming to right now.  This will be very similar to the final version.

FAQ can be found here:  ETC FAQ

Comp Rules can Be found here: CanHammerTT Draft Comp 2

Some important milestones to put in your calendar are:

Submission of Lists: March 31st 2016 – Time on email must be pre midnight
Checking of Lists: Handed back to staff - April 10th
Final Revisions: April 15th 2016
Round 1 Draw: April 17th 2016 and release of army lists on the web site together with the Draw.

All of the information is in the pack.  If you have any questions direct them to

CanHammer Staff

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