Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sold out in 9 minutes.


We sold out 10, 4 player teams in under 9 minutes form 12:00- 12:09.  If we get a ton more interest we are looking into expanding the venue so please register or at least email us if you have a serious team and

Registered Teams :
1- CanHammer - Chris Hanes C, Jason Sparks, Ciaran Gibbs, Max Dubois
2-Bloodbath and Beyond - Mike Harrison C, Hamza Syed, Chris Kanakos, Jeff Parent
3-Loaded Dice - Dan "I ditched CanHammer" Platt C, Tristan Mitchell, Mike Renno, Michael Strang
4-Nathan Cerone C, David Krock, Haneef Kassam, Jono Fhleisdeir
5-Team Fear Check - Darren Tse C, Jamie Williams, Caleb Edwards, Ron McCallum
6-Savagely Lit - Berent Batur C, Michael Grove, Thomas Collier, Devin Swann
7-1 Plus Armour - Logan MacLaren C, Diogo Pita, Skylor Petrovich, ?????
8-Sexy Back - Huy Truong C, Joe Duca, Burton Wright, Jeff "Table Vomit" Brown
9-Forbes First Legion - Will Harris C, Jessie Rocha, Nik Rentas, Dustin Henshaw
10- Because Eldar - Ryan Pippy C, Jon Walsh, Evan Switzer, Mike Irvine, Bryce Pippy

Waiting List (If/When we expand this list is priority and only way on the list is to pay):
11-$Cash$$$$MoneyHammer$ - Val Heffelfinger C, ?????, ?????, ?????
12-The Fighting Cephalopods - Will Paul C, Andrew Weber, Ian, Steve Tunstra
13-Greater Windsor Table Warriors - Tyler Walker C, West Bertozzi, Ryan Gillies, Ivor Chandler
14-Sons of Redshirts - Greg Evers C, Nate Stevens, Ricky Johnson, ?????
Singles List for spare players:

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