Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Latest ETC vote


The ETC voted and here is the basics of the comp for 2018:

SECTION 1: ETC Rulespack votes

Question1: Do we change the proceedings at the start of the game , rolling off for sides rather than choosing sides?

A. Yes, change the proceedings to include a roll-off for sides after placing objectives

Question2: Do you want to have a roll to seize or do you want to discard that roll?

A. Yes, keep the roll to seize

Question 3 has become Null as a result.

"Question4: Would you like to see No Mercy(kill points) as a freestanding mission or incorporated into every mission?

B - Incorporated into every mission as a "kill points differential"

Queston5: At what limit would you like this differential if Q4-B is voted for?

A - 6 pts total

Question6: Should forgeworld indexes and codices be allowed in ETC?

B. No

Question7: Do we use flowchart from Designer's Commentary? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)

C - No, when a codex is released their index options become invalid.

SECTION 2: Issues with ETC Organisation Implications

"Question8: Do we keep the table layout as in past ETC's, with 2 tables being dense, 4 mediocre filled tables,

and 2 light tables per row, or do we apply a more even distribution of terrain?"

A. Keep the 2/4/2 rule to give a distinctive advantage to defenders being able to choose their tables

Question 9 has become Null as a result.

SECTION 3: ETC Army Comp

Question10: Can detachments be duplicated within a player's army list? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)

C - Not a single detachment can be duplicated within an army

Question11: Do we limit the usage of the number of detachments at the ETC?

A. Yes

Question12: What number of detachments? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)

B. 3

Question13: Do we want to limit the usage of the datasheets with the same name to 3 per army/player?

B. No

Question 14 has become Null as a result.

"Question15: What do we do with factions like the ASTRA TELEPATHICA from the Index. They are tied into an army that now has a standalone codex.

Do we keep on using them as a seperate faction for ETC purposes?"

B. No, they cannot be used as a seperate faction

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