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List Submission deadline - April 2nd, 2018

Hey everyone,

The list submission deadline for this years event is April 2nd at 23:59. Teams that submit there lists after this date will be subject to a penalty on there overall score so make sure that you get them in on time.

Please see the excerpt from the ETC player pack on list submission guidelines


1. Each Army list MUST mention which model will be the Warlord. If your Warlord is a charac-ter, assign a warlord trait to him, or indicate you will roll-off every battle. Add text as a subfix behind the unit's point value as follows – WARLORD (Tenacious Survivor).
2. Each Army list MUST mention which basic psychic powers have been assigned to the models or if they will be generated freely each round. The same goes for chapter relics if they are cho-sen for models. Those that will be generated by CP prior to a battle need not be mentioned on the armylist. Chosen chapter relics cannot be changed during battles and remain fixed through-out the tournament.
3. Each Team Roster must include all the necessary info, meaning player names with the correct army, and clearly indicate what detachments are taken and how many command points each detachment provides to the player, and all other relevant information for your opponent. In the case of Space Marines for instance, it needs to be mentioned which Chapter you are playing, in the case of the Mechanicus, the Forgeworld, and so on... In the case of cross-faction detachments, each entry needs to be succeeded by their faction or chapter denomination. For in-stance - Troops1: Harlequin troupe <Ynnari>. The overall Army Faction of a roster is always de-fined by the common keyword of the army.
4. Team Rosters need to indicate if a coach/assistant spot is filled by the Team.
5. Detachments from a list are separated by double "==" and always mention how many Command Points the detachment brings to the army. A total CP number shall be listed on the armyl-ist as well.
6. All upgrades and options must be shown on any given unit except those that come as standard on the model and cost zero points. Any wargear that is chosen (whether it costs points or free) must be listed.
7. List transports together with the unit entries they were bought for.
8. Upgrades to specific models in a complex unit are indicated per model
9. Players opting to keep summoning points in reserve need to indicate so clearly, and how many points are available, on their army roster
NOTE: It is perfectly fine to simplify the list outline below for detachments that are not complex. You can skip noting down all the cratfworld/hivefleet/forgeworld notations and such if there can be no confusion in your list. It would be perfectly fine to state the Detachment is Biel-Tan in the Detachment header instead of repeating the craftworld notification for each unit for instance.

Army List Entry Example:
+ PLAYER TOURNEYKEEPER PROFILE: THEMANWITHTHEPLAN (preferably this will just be your name so we can link it to a person in case there are issues), profilenumber
+ ARMY FACTION: Imperium (you just put the common faction keyword here, factions used are listed further in the list)
+ TOTAL ARMY POINTS: 2000 pts + ARMY FACTIONS USED: Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Astartes, Astra Militarum
+ TOTAL REINFORCEMENT POINTS: Not Applicable (otherwise you list the points that have been kept to summon things here)

== Battalion Detachment == Forge World – Mars [1046 Points] + 3 CP
HQ1: 1 Belisarius Cawl - [250pts] – WARLORD (Tenacious Survivor - If none is listed, assumed you will generate with a dice each game -)
HQ2: 1 Tech-Priest Dominus <Forgeworld Mars> - [135pts]
Troop1 : 10 Skitarii Rangers (100), 3x Transonic Arqeubus (75), Omnispex (7) <Forgeworld Mars> - [182pts]
Troop2 : 10 Skitarii Vanguard (100), 3x Plasma Caliver (42), Omnispex (7) <Forgeworld Mars> - [149pts]
Troop3 : 5 Skitarii Vanguard (50) , 2x Arc Rifle (8) <Forgeworld Mars> - [58pts]
Elite1: 1 Cybernetica Datasmith <Forgeworld Mars> - [52pts]
HS1 : 2 Kastellan Robots (130), 6x Heavy Phosphor Blaster (90) <Forgeworld Mars> - [220pts]

== Spearhead Detachment == Adeptus Astartes – Ultramarines Chapter [763 Points] + 1 CP

HQ3: 1 Captain (74), Master Crafted Boltgun (2) <Ultramarines> - [76pts]
HS2: 5 man Devastator Squad (65), 4 Heavy Bolter (40), Combi-Melta (Sergeant,19) <Ultramarines> - [124pts]
HS2 DT: Droppod (103), Storm Bolter (2) <Ultramarines> - [105pts]
HS3: 5 man Devastator Squad (65), 4 Heavy Bolter (40), Combi-Melta (Sergeant,19) <Ultramarines> - [124pts]
HS3 DT: Droppod (103), Storm Bolter (2) <Ultramarines> - [105pts] HS4: 5 man Devastator Squad (65), 4 Heavy Bolter (40), Combi-Melta (Sergeant,19) <Ultramarines> - [124pts]
HS4 DT: Droppod (103), Storm Bolter (2) <Ultramarines> - [105pts]

== Patrol Detachment == Imperium – White Scars Chapter and Cadia Regiment [191 Points] +0 CP

HQ4: Kor'sarro Khan <White Scars> - [107pts] Troop4: 28 Conscripts <Cadia> - [84pts]


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