We have 20 spots available.  It is a first come first serve registration.  The cost is $400 per team,  money can be sent to via paypal or e-transfer.  Payment can only be made JAN 17th at 8PM and onward 2018.  Earlier payment will not be accepted.  Your team will only be listed below if it pays, also the only way on the waiting list is to pre pay.  If your team is on the waiting list and we are unable to find you a spot you will be refunded at a later time.  We usually have a team drop last minute, so the waiting list is a legitimate way to gain entry.  

Refunds will be given prior to March 1st.  After that no refunds.

What your registration gets you:
- 5 ETC style games of 40k over 2 days
- Brunch during the lunch period on day 2
- Swag - dependent on how many teams we get
- If you have a non playing coach they will need to purchase any swag.
- All the money collected goes towards swag, trophies and prizes

Registered Teams :

  1. CanHammer
  2. Can'tHammer
  3. Team Salty
  4. Moot Green
  5. Atomic Death Squad
  6. Forbes First Legion
  7. Bloodbath and Beyond
  8. Tabled Turn 1
  9. Loaded Dice
  10. The Basement Collective
  11. No Pants Dance Club
  12. Team Rejects
  13. Team SexyBack
  14. Greater Windsor Table Warriors
  15. James Konrad
  16. The Eh Team
  17. Kitchener Gaming Crew KGC
  18. 1 to Rend
  19. Forbes Second Legion
  20. The Fighting Cephalopods
  21. Team Cobra Kai
  22. Cash Money Hammer
                                        Waiting List:

                                      1. Dan Kindiak
                                      2. John Meier

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